Want a break? Take a trip to Himachal

Want a break? Take a trip to Himachal

March 14,2021

Gazing the laptop screen incessantly, making power point presentations, attending daily huddle discussions and the most painful thing to do is commuting from work to home and vice versa during peak hours, when all means of commutation are jostled with people. A goodnight sleep has also become a rare to have for city people. What to do? Let’s have a break and, apparently, not have a kit-kat. Instead, take a trip to Himachal.

But what can be done on a break in Himachal? Well, this won’t be a tricky question to answer. In fact, a book could be written to tell this. Let us stick to brevity and tell you what can be done on a break in Himachal Pradesh.

1st and foremost thing, pick your destination and drive to Himachal Pradesh

Picking a place could be tricky. Because all are so lucrative. Be it Shimla, Manali, Kasol, Dharamshala, Parwanoo, et al. So, write the destinations, you wish to visit, on chits of paper, fold them, mix them all and pick randomly one, two or many where you will be going.

Driving to your destination would be a precursor toenjoyment you will be having at your destination in Himachal. Not just that, driving will itself be a fun. With your family or friends, on the highway NH44 via Chandigarh will be a part of quality time with your close one.

To add to the delight, on your way you will have glimpses of the rippling mountains, deep valleys, flourished with dense vegetation.

P.S. – Driving on mountains needs vigilance. So, it is recommended to hire an experienced driver.

A relaxing stay…

Kissed by sunrays when you open your room’s window at early morning. Just breathe and let the clear mountain air detoxify your lungs. Or if its winters, cherish the view of the mountains engulfed in the mystical morning mist.

A pocket friendly stay or a luxurious resort, Himachal has all. Especially, in towns like Manali and Shimla. All amenities could be available in the vicinity of your temporary abode at a hill station in Himachal. To enjoy a break in Himachal, an apt stay is pivotal.

Rejuvenate your body…

‘A healthy mind stays in a healthy body’. So, rejuvenate your body as well as mind by doing some yoga asanas. May be by the side of a river stream surrounded by picturesque view of the lush green mountain terrains.

There are many yoga retreats, which provide a rejuvenating experience with a comfortable stay in Dharamshala and in its near by area. One can enroll himself into a yoga program and have a revitalizing experience amidst the pristine environs.

Leisurely walks…

Walk through the alpine forests while trekking Kheerganga trek(or any other) and listen to the song birds, a music that is not heard in a crowded metropolitan city.
The sound of breeze gushing through leaves of pine and oak trees gives a pure bliss to the mind

Or you can go for lazy walks on cobbled streets ofDalhousie, to admire the colonial influence in architecture of some famous buildings such as Saint Patrick’s Church.

Trod the Mall road of Manali and buy some low-cost stuffs and relish the street food.

Thrill of adventure sports…

Invigorating adventure sports act as a healing dose to clogged mind, setting it free to experience the zest of living.

One of the destinations to quench the thirst of thrill is Solang Valley. Zorbing - Tumble down from the hills in an inflated giant ball, with you inside an orb in that ball. Or sail in air by doing paragliding.

In winters when the valleys and mountains become stark white due to heavy snowfall, skiing, sledging, et al are thoroughly enjoyed by tourists visiting places like Manali, Kufri and Hanuman tibba.

Trek to mountain summits…

Himachal Pradesh is a backpacker’s paradise in India. Trekkers from all over the world come to Himachal to trek the untrodden paths of the mountain ranges in Parvati and Spiti Valleys. Bushels of joy one gets while hiking the treacherous and enthralling trails of Kheerganga and Tirund treks.

A perfect break from the city life into the lap of unblemished nature. It is an unforgettable experience that will make you smile even when you get back to your town. And an urge keeps on bubbling in you to plan again a trip to Himachal.

A stay in tents, snuggled in the sleeping bags under flawless clear sky is an out of the world experience available in this world only on the land of veil of snow aka Himachal.

Hearing the Hymns of God…

Sit down on floor, keep your backbone straight, close your eyes gently and let go of all banana thoughts. What will you observe? Breathing, heart beat and all body functions are getting performed itself. No thought is required to command your heart, kidney or any other body part to function. Who is doing it? It is the spec of almighty that resides in your body. And we think that all is in our control. Hysterical!

This is a break one needs to have to connect with inner self. And without any doubt a meditative break is possible in Himachal Pradesh. No adulterated atmosphere and away from the frenzy noises.

Go to Mcloedganj, in suburb of Dharamshala, popularly known as Little Lhasa, and delve into spirituality. Listen to mantra chanting by monks in Tibetan monasteries and let the auspicious sound resonate in your head to cleanse the ill thoughts. Inner peace is reward one gets out of it.

We are sure, this snippet has provided an apt information about what to do in Himachal Pradesh on a break from your routine life. Do share it with others to….

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